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4-Steps to Collecting Depression Glass - Where To Start


Okay, so you’ve been bitten by the Depression Glass bug, and those pretty patterns and pastel colors beckon you from the shelves of an antique dealer’s shop, a friend’s home, or maybe you’ve even discovered this special glassware on the Internet.

How ever it’s come about that you’ve developed a yen for Depression Glass, you need to know where and how to start collecting it – unless you’re made of money, have oodles of time on your hands, and don’t care whether you get the real thing or not. But if you’re like most of us, and those things don’t apply to you, here are a few tips to get you started on the road to what may very well become a fascinating and lifelong hobby.

Step 1Buy Depression Glass Secrets. Yes that's right, I'm recommending you buy my book to use as a major reference. You will find 197 patterns, each with a clear photo of the pattern, there are 215 photos in all. For each pattern also find info on colors made, manufacturer, interesting historical anecdotes and descriptions of any fakes if they exist. Included with the book are 3 additional books, teaching you how to become an expert buyer or seller on eBay and another filled with a listing of virtually every Depression glass resource known to man; truly an indispensible kit of resouces that come with a 100% money-back guarantee if your not satisfied (and you keep the bonus books as a thanks for taking a look). Take a look here..

Step 2 – Go to glass shows and conventions, join Depression Glass clubs, and visit antique shops in your area that carry it. It’s imperative to learn about this type of glass from hands-on knowledge in order to get a true feel of how it looks “in person.” Soon you’ll learn many, colors and patterns, and be able to distinguish reproductions – most commonly made in Mexico and India – from the genuine article. Color, patterns, weight, mold markings – even the bubbles – of real Depression Glass hold a uniqueness all their own.

Step 3 – Subscribe to magazines, newsletters, and other periodicals that focus on collecting Depression Glass. The National Depression Glass Association offers an online newsletter subscription on its site at, and Collector’s News, a print magazine, frequently features articles of interest to Depression Glass fans. If are not yet on my Depression glass mailing list, go the the upper right of this page now and join, I'll periodically send you articles intended to make you a better collector.

Step 4 – Meet and make friends with an expert! There’s nothing like having a mentor to guide you when you’re in the process of learning something new – especially about Depression Glass. Such tips as learning to use your tactile sense of feel to detect chips and cracks, holding a piece up to the light to help determine its authenticity, and other helpful information usually come from personal relationships. Attending shows, joining clubs, and visiting antique shops all provide opportunities to make friends with people who’ve been involved in collecting Depression Glass – some for as long as 40 or 50 years.

The most important thing to remember when you begin your Depression Glass hobby, however, is to have fun! Even if you do make a mistake, get occasionally “rooked” with a fake, or buy or sell a Depression Glass piece you later regret, you’ll always have the experience of appreciating an interesting and fascinating hobby. And then, when you do make the find of your life – well, that’s what it’s all about! All those “mistakes” soon become laughable, fond memories when you proudly display your wonderful Depression Glass discovery!

So get out there and make your start today or look for the next beautiful piece to add to your growing collection.


Have Fun and Keep Collecting


  • 336 pages of must-know info
  • 215 'clear' photos
  • 197 patterns!
  • 3 FREE Bonus Books


Depression Glass Secrets
336 pages of must-know info
215 'clear' photos
197 patterns!
3 FREE Bonus Books
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