Do you collect Depression Glass? If "YES" then read this..

"Who Else Wants to Identify Their Depression Glass From 215 Very Clear Photos of 197 Different Depression Glass Patterns, Including Written Information About the Pattern, the Manufacturer, Year, Colors, Similar Patterns & Reproductions and How to Tell Them Apart...

Plus Learn Unknown Methods for Identifying Mystery Pieces, Assessing Value, Finding Bargains, Selling For a Profit, Cleaning, Storage and MUCH, MUCH, MORE?"

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Did you know fake Depression Glass is big business?

Depression Glass collectors, like you and I, are 'sitting ducks' for dishonest dealers.

Every day thousands of dollars are wasted on fake Depression Glass by unsuspecting collectors. And in most cases the dealer knew it wasn't real.

Did you know there are factories in South America and Asia that specialize in producing fake Depression Glass? Copies that are made to trick you out of your hard earned money.

But that's only the first insult. Because then you 'dirty' your own collection with a fake piece without even knowing what you are doing.

You may even pass up a rare chance to buy a 'real' piece, because you think you already have it.

Or even worse, you ruin your reputation by reselling the piece to someone else, without even knowing you are breaking the law by selling a forgery.

Believe me it happens.

"You Have Got To Protect Yourself
Against Fake Depression Glass

From: The PC of Murray Hughes
Date: Monday 7:28 a.m.

Dear Friend,

ost collectors would be uncomfortable to learn how common fake Depression Glass is, because it starts you wondering about the pieces in your own collection.

But not all copies are made in third world countries and secretly released onto the very large US Depression Glass market.

Many legitimate US glass companies have made copies of popular Depression Glass patterns. If they respected Depression Glass collectors like you and me, they made the copies a little different so we could tell them apart.

But if you do not recognize patterns and the companies that made them. And you don't know the places and methods for finding the information you need, you're a sitting duck for any type of fake Depression Glass.


"How To Protect Yourself Against
Fake Depression Glass"

It is your responsibilty as a collector to protect yourself against Depression Glass fraud. Not just for yourself but for the rest of us as well.

You see, if we all knew more about Depression Glass, it would be a lot more difficult for dishonest dealers to sell us fakes.

If we stopped buying fakes, those factories would turn their attentions to ripping someone else off instead of us.

And the value of our own collections would increase.

So what have you got to do?.

  • You have got to build a library of good Depression Glass books with clear pictures and read them.

  • You have got to study your books so you can at least recognize the patterns you are collecting.

  • You have got to learn where and from whom you can buy Depression Glass safely.

  • You have got to learn what to look for when checking out a piece to buy.


"But Fake Depression Glass Is Not The
Only Thing You Have To Worry About."
-- The #1 Danger --

Every time I visit places where people buy and sell Depression Glass, I'm amazed at how many of the ads are wrong.

On places like eBay, I estimate as much as 20% of the listings are incorrect.

The people selling it don't know anymore about Depression Glass than you do. In fact, they probably know a lot less.

I can understand many of these mistakes because some patterns look very similar.

For example, English Hobnail by Westmoreland Glass looks very similar to Miss America by Hocking Glass. The difference is the center rays on English Hobnail are different lengths but on Miss America they are all the same length.

But some other mistakes I see in ads for Depression Glass are just crazy. Either the person selling the glass made a big mistake by accident or they are too lazy to do the proper research.

Problem is, their 'Best Guess' becomes your headache when you end up with the wrong piece.

I do not know about you, but when I started out as a collector, I believed if the ad said it was English Hobnail then it must be English Hobnail. I didn't even think for a minute the ad could be wrong.

So you can see, if you want to be a smart Depression Glass collector, you need to have:

  • Passion for Depression Glass.

  • Some money to collect it.

And most importantly

  • A small library of good Depression Glass books, one book is definitely not enough!


"My Never Before Seen, TOP SECRET,
Depression Glass Resource"
-- The Ultimate Protection --

Call me paranoid, but I'm always on the alert for anyone trying to cheat me out of my money, whether by accident or not.

When I realized what a minefield Depression Glass collecting is, I started my own collection of Depression Glass photos and notes to protect myself.

I refer to them often and always keep them handy when I'm looking at Depression Glass.

Collecting this information developed into a bit of an obsession until eventually my collection was huge..

Today, I have clear photos of
197 different patterns of Depression and Elegant Glass!

-------------------Side Bar-------------------

In case you don't know, Elegant Glass is Depression Glass that has been etched.

People usually call it Depression Glass anyway.

----------------End Of Side Bar---------------

In my own TOP SECRET personal resource, with each clear photo there is also:

  • The name of the pattern.

  • The 'nickname' of the pattern.

  • The name of the manufacturer.

  • The years it was made.

  • The colors it was made in.


  • What colors or pieces are popular.

  • If copies were made.

  • How to tell the difference between real and copy.

  • If it is valuable.

  • What other patterns it is sometimes confused with and how to tell them apart.

But that's only the notes on patterns.

My TOP SECRET Depression Glass resource also has another 128 pages of additional notes covering everything an admirer, hobby collector or serious collector and dealer must know.

It's 335 pages packed with need-to-know-information that the dishonest dealers and fake Depression Glass factory owners never want you to see, ever!

The reason I am telling you about my ultimate Depression Glass resource is because I have finally compiled it into a beautifully presented book for every Depression Glass admirer to enjoy.

And you can literally begin reading it in the next 5 minutes, even if it's 2 a.m.

Let me tell you what else you will find in....

Depression Glass Secrets™

  Easily learn EVERYTHING you must know about Depression Glass. Includes 197 patterns with photos and descriptions PLUS another 128 pages of you-absolutely-must-know information.  


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Depression Glass Secrets™


"Learn Everything Listed Here PLUS More In
Depression Glass Secrets™"

  • Learn my secret methods for identifying Depression Glass you can't find in any book. Includes a 'super-method' that uses the power of eBay and the combined knowledge of thousands of collectors to finally identify your piece. (Page 21)

  • Understand this dirty trick that some dishonest dealers use to disguise damaged Depression Glass and the simple technique you must use to never get caught. (Page 33)

  • Discover the best places for finding hundreds of pattern photos online. (Page 260)

  • Learn who it was that almost single-handedly started the Depression Glass genre of collecting, with the publication of the very first book on the subject. (Page 11)

  • Discover my 3 favorite places for finding Depression Glass bargains. (Page 27)

  • Realize what some of the common defects of glass made during the Depression-era are and why they were still sold anyway. (Page 4)

  • Learn not to be like many beginning collectors who think 'rarest' means 'most expensive', because it doesn't. Discover why. (Page 34)

  • Find out about the interesting history behind 'Jadite' . Learn when it was first produced, which companies made it during the Depression-era, the name they called it and who will be remembered as the company that first used the name 'Jadite'. (Page 153)

  • Learn 4 more methods for telling real from reproductions. (Page 20)

  • Discover when glass made during the Depression-era became unpopular, forcing many companies out of business. And when it became popular again as collectors' items. (Page 11)

  • Learn more about spotting fakes from this exclusive article I wrote for publication. (Page 285)

  • Find out why no objective price for any Depression Glass piece exists. (Page 36)

  • Discover the place and year that many experts say was the 'birth' of Depression Glass. (Page 8)

  • Learn to avoid the use and handling practices that will damage and break your Depression Glass. (Page 39)

  • Realize why telling 'real' from 'reproduction' is so difficult, especially if you don't have good books in your Depression Glass library. (Page 17)

  • Find out the most reliable place to buy 'real' Depression Glass. (Page 26)

  • Learn how to assess value from the condition of the glass and what to look for and how to find hidden defects. (Page 32)

  • Discover some of the interesting and surprising ways Depression Glass found it's way into nearly every home in the US. (Page 5)

  • Find out how to repair damaged Depression Glass. (Page 40)

  • Realize the importance of Depression Glass price lists and how they should be used. (Page 36)

  • Learn the history of the 17 main producers of Depression Glass. See the 'stamp' each company used (if they had one) and discover where you can go to learn more and meet other people interested in the same brand of Depression Glass as you. (Chapter 9 - The entire chapter!)

  • Realize there could be a hidden Depression Glass treasure right under your nose, find out before it's too late. (Page 26)

  • Find out which 4 books I rate as the best books ever written on Depression Glass. (Page 335)

  • Understand why the there will never be exact agreement about what Depression Glass is. (Page 3)

  • Learn how to drastically improve the look of pieces you want to display in your own home. (Page 41)

  • Find out what some of the most expensive Depression Glass pieces are and what they are worth from this excusive article I wrote for publication. (Page 296)

  • Be aware of this collectors trap, which leads to frustrations and takes the joy out of collecting. (Page22)

  • Understand the advances in technology that made the age of Depression Glass possible. (Page 8)

  • And why there was a period when demand for domestic glass exploded. (Page 9)

  • Another 3 tips for telling real from reproduction. (Page 23)

  • Learn what manufacturing revolution made it possible to cheaply hide the many defects found in glass made during the Depression-era. (Page 4).

  • Understand why there is no 'single answer' to the question "What should I buy?". Follow my simple suggestions if you are just starting out as a collector. (Page 37)

  • Learn how to safely clean Depression Glass. And the special methods for cleaning Depression Glass that has been repaired. (Page 40)

  • Realize the 3 reasons why Depression Glass is so popular. (Page 12)

  • Find out how to safely store Depression Glas so your family can enjoy it for generations to come. (Page 42)

  • Discover the world's number one place for finding hard to get pieces and meeting dealers, experts and fellow collectors. (Page 28)

  • Understand the Depression Glass vocabulary from my list of the 21 most confusing Depression Glass terms and their definitions. (Chapter 11)

  • Learn from a collection of 33 of the most frequently asked questions about Depression Glass. Includes questions like:
    • "Why does some Depression Glass glow when held under a black-light?" This interesting answer includes a scientific explanation. (Page 328)

    • "What is 'sic' glass and can it be repaired?" (Page 316)

    • "How do I become a Depression Glass dealer for money?" (Page 294)

    • "Is Vaseline glass Depression Glass?" (Page 303)

    • "How do small nicks effect price" (Page 306)

    • "Is KIG Indonesian glass Depression Glass?" (Page 317)

And don't forget..

Depression Glass Secrets™ Also
Includes Clear Photos, Descriptions
and Need-To-Know Information on
197 Different Patterns!

You find find clear photos and important information like:

  • The name of the pattern,
  • The nickname,
  • Who made it,
  • When it was made,
  • What colors it was made in,
  • What patterns it is confused with and the difference between them,
  • Which colors are more valuable and
  • Interesting historical anecdotes for 197 different patterns.

All of this absolutely-must-know-information is beautifully presented in a specially prepared, searchable ebook with the following 2 time-saving features.

  • The first page has a clickable Table of Contents. Click any chapter heading and you will instantly be taken there.

  • Depression Glass Secrets™ is searchable. There is a very easy to use search feature that allows you to search for anything. Type in a word, click enter and instantly receive a listing of every page containing that word.

"Hear What Other Depression Glass Collectors Are Saying About
Depression Glass Secrets™"

"I Could Actually See The Patterns"

I'm sure you agree Murray, the most frustrating thing about many Depression Glass books is you can't see the patterns.

It annoys the he** out of me!

But the patterns are really clear in your book, I like the way you use black and white pattern drawings on the more difficult to see patterns.

I could actually see the patterns.

Timothy F, New York, N.Y.


"The Most I've Ever Seen Crammed Into One Depression Glass Book"

I'm not a big expert or anything. I have looked in some books and own a few pieces (of Depression Glass) but yours is the most I've ever seen crammed into one Depression Glass book.

I'm used to reading about the patterns and stuff but you cover things like getting difficult pieces identified, storage, cleaning, telling real from fakes and so on.

It's kind of more like a course on Depression Glass.

Judy K., Omaha, Nebraska


"Your Method... Is Pure Genius"

Your method for using eBay to identify a piece of Depression Glass is pure genius.

When I read it I had one of those 'Aha!' moments. So simple but very effective.

I buy and sell Depression Glass on eBay all the time but if I can't identify a piece I put it in storage until I know what it is.

I can see this one technique is going to save me a lot of time and help get rid of all those mystery pieces gathering dust in my workshop.

I am definitely going to try it, I will let you know how it goes.

Arthur L., Gillete, Wyoming


"I Really Want To Thank You! "

About 5 years ago I bought a set of 4 Lace Edge tumblers by Hocking to go with my other Lace Edge pieces.

I always get them out for dinner parties and they are a great talking point.

After reading your book I realize they are not Lace Edge but actually Coronation, also by Hocking. The person I bought them from advertised them wrong.

Honestly Murray, I really want to thank you.

I am going to hand down my Lace Edge collection to my darling grandkids, but I would have given them a mismatched set if it had not been for your book.

It's also given me something new to talk about at dinner parties..

"Did I tell you about the time I bought a set of 4 Coronation tumblers, thinking they were Lace Edge?".

Dorothy Y., Lagrange, Georgia


"These Comments Are From
People Just Like You"

Those comments in the box above are just a few of the many I have received from from people just like you (there are more, from recognized experts, further down the page).

  • Some are beginners,

  • Some only collect to complete a set for use at home and

  • Others are expert collectors who buy and sell Depression Glass everyday.

What makes them similar is they all found Depression Glass Secrets™ very useful and are now much better Depression Glass collectors.


"But I Already Own A Book
On Depression Glass"

Some people might say..

"But I already have a Depression Glass book,
so why do I need another?"

Do you think an art collector has one book on art?
Do you think a gardener has one book on gardening?
Do you think a coin collector has one book on coins?

Of course not. They have several books because they know, they cannot learn everything from only one book

And even if you have already 5 books, and even if the next book you buy on the subject contains only one piece of information you didn't already know....

  • If that one piece of new information saves you $50/year, was it worth it?

    Of course it was.

  • If that one piece of new information saves you 100 hours of your time, was it worth it?

    Of course it was.

  • If that one piece of new informations brings you more enjoyment from your hobby as a direct result, was it worth it?

    Yes! Absolutely, without a doubt it was worth it.


"Let's Cut Through The BS!"

I know it comes as no surprise to you, I love Depression Glass Secrets™ and I want you to buy it.

What I'm trying to say is..

"Let's cut through the bull and let me
speak honestly and directly with you."

Look, of course my motive is to get you to buy my book - we both know that, so I'm not going to pretend it's not.

And I'm not going to promise you will look 15 years younger by tomorrow morning or be a millionaire by the end of the year if you read my book.

It is a book about Depression Glass collecting, plain and simple.

But I want you to know I really have gone the extra mile to include information you definitely will not find in other Depression Glass books.

That was my major goal in bringing another Depression Glass book to the world.

But like I said, we both know I'm trying to sell you something so I completely understand if you are still a little suspicious.

So this is the only way I can prove how much I believe you will enjoy and benefit from Depression Glass Secrets™...


"If You Don't Like Depression
Glass Secrets™, For Whatever Reason,
I'll Refund 100% of Your Money ASAP.

No Questions Asked, Ever"

You have made it this far on this page so I know you are at least a bit interested in Depression Glass Secrets™.

But you are probably still wondering..

"What if I buy it and its a piece of junk?"

That's always what I'm thinking before I buy something online.

So this is what I've decided to do..

If you decide you don't like Depression Glass Secrets™, for whatever reason (you don't have to tell me), and you let me know within 90 days,

I will give you all of your money back and let you keep all of the bonus books as a 'Thanks' for giving me a fair try.

(I'll tell you about the bonus books soon).

So that's 100% of your money refunded, for whatever reason, with..

  • No questions asked,
  • No hassle,
  • No hard feelings and

..we part as friends. How's that?

If you're still unsure don't decide now. I want you to grab your copy today, read it, use it to become a better Depression Glass collector. I want you to give it an honest try.

If for any reason you're NOT satisfied, let me know within 90 days and I'll give you 100% of your money back. Period. End of story. Nothing To Lose.


"Let's Wrap This Up..."


To Sweeten The Pot,

"I Will Include The Following MUST-READ Books As Completely FREE Bonuses."


FREE Bonus #1

The Essential
Depression Glass
Resource Guide™

Value = $24.95
Yours FREE

  Save hours of your time by going straight to the source. Depression Glass collecting involves a lot of research, don't waste your time searching for the best resources. Find them all here, organized into books, websites and organizations, each with clickable links for quick and easy reference.  


In The Essential Depression Glass Resource Guide™ you will find a very comprehensive collection of the world's best Depression Glass resources.

It includes:

  • The names and authors of the 17 very best books ever written on Depression Glass and Depression Glass pricing. (Chapter 1)

  • Get quick and easy access to each book in the guide by clicking the book title and going directly to the page it is sold from at

  • Want a particular piece but can't find it anywhere? Discover the online service that will do the hard work for you and locate the item you want. (Page 21)

  • Learn the best way to use search engines (like to find a pattern, piece or any information you are looking for.

    All it takes is to know how to use "" and [] to laser-target your search and find what you are looking for super-fast. Screen-shot pictures are included to make it simple to understand. (Page 13)

  • Discover where to find the amazing free tool that allows you to search the world's 3 biggest auction sites (, Amazon Auctions and Yahoo Auctions) all at the same time! (Page 21)

  • Discover where to find special Depression Glass news at Google and how to get notified every time new news is added. (Page 15)

  • Learn where to find the national websites for 12 of the major manufacturers of Depression Glass. (Page 27)

  • Find out what are the best places for general Depression Glass information online. (Page 16)

  • Learn how to very easily find the correct price for any item you want to buy or sell online using an excellent online eBay statistics cruncher.

For any items sold on eBay, find out:

  • How many were listed in the past month.
  • How many were sold.
  • What the lowest price was.
  • What the highest price was.
  • What the average price was.
  • How many bids each auction received.
  • A link to each auction.

  • Use the information to learn why some sellers got higher bids on their auction than others (spy on their methods!)

    I can't emphasize enough how powerful this information is. (Page 23)

  • When you understand the best price and the best type of ad for your piece of Depression Glass, I'll show where to find a free tool for creating your own professional looking auction ads. (Page 24)

  • Get instant access to the top 7 Depression Glass lists and directories where you will find all kinds of Depression Glass related information. (Page 18)

  • Find the websites for 21 of the best Glass Museums in the US. Plan a day-trip to the nearest one to you or take a week and tour many of them. (Page 29)

  • Learn the best places to buy Depression Glass. Listed are my all-time 11 favorite places to buy Depression Glass. (Page 20)

  • Discover where Depression Glass collectors get together in small clubs all over the US to share their passion. Join up today and enjoy your hobby with other collectors just like you. (Page 33)

  • Or find out where you can meet up with other Depression Glass collectors online, without leaving the convenient-comfort of your house. (Page 35)

  • Learn about 'Sniping' (placing an auction bid in the last few seconds so no one can out bid you) and the free service that will do it for you, while you spend your time doing something better. (Page 22)

    "A Classy Touch"

    Including the resource guide is a classy touch.

    I know how much research goes into one of these because I created resource guides professionally for 7 years, but we NEVER gave them away for free!

    Mandin, J., Jackson, Tennessee



FREE Bonus #2

Secrets Of The eBay Power Sellers?

Value = $24.95
Yours FREE

Anyone can sell Depression Glass for profit on eBay. You do not need special skills or qualifications. Hear the inspiring "how-they-did-it" success stories of 26 different people who went from knowing nothing to becoming a 'Power Seller' and earning a full-time income from eBay, in these awesome interviews.

"You can make a lot of money selling
Depression Glass on eBay."

eBay is a revolution in business that has made the work at home lifestyle possible for anyone.

Learn the hidden techniques behind the success stories of 26 of eBay's all-time most successful sellers.

They sell everything from antiques and collectibles to hardware and real estate.

There are single individuals with no employees to Mom and Pop teams to super sellers who grew from nothing to selling from multiple warehouses with 50 employees and sales in excess of $3,000,000 per year!


  • When they started.

  • Why they started.

  • How they started.

  • How many sales they have each week.

  • How they get the product to their customers.

  • The most important ingredient of their business success.

  • And many other tips to inspire you to build your own Depression Glass, antique or collectible empire.

FREE Bonus #3

The Best
Ever Written

Value = Priceless
Yours FREE

  Learn the hidden methods for quickly finding what you are looking for, discover the Depression Glass bargains no one else knows about and cash in big time on the ignorance and mistakes of inexperienced Depression Glass sellers.  


Not everyone wants to make their fortune selling Depression Glass on eBay. I understand that.

But if you plan to build a Depression Glass collection, you will have to buy from eBay eventually, because it is the biggest Depression Glass market in the world.

Buying from eBay is full of dangers, from buying items listed dishonestly to buying items that never arrive and probably didn't exist to begin with.

But if you have just a little more knowledge than the average 'eBay user', you can find bargains no one else knows about.

You see, many sellers don't know what they are doing..

  • They price things incorrectly.

  • Put them in the wrong categories and

  • Use poor headings and descriptions.

This means no one interested in their item ever sees it and it never gets any bids. The auction will close unsold or one lucky bidder will get it for much, much less than it's worth.

This happens thousands of times every day on eBay.

Finding these 'hidden gems' is easy once you know how and it is the way many 'Power Sellers' are able to find items at rock bottom prices and resell them for 1000% profit and more.

I have read a lot of eBay books and guides and I call this one The Best eBay Buyers Guide Ever Written.

It is written by one of the best known authorities on eBay buying and selling and contains information 99% of eBay shoppers will never know about.

No pages have been wasted on useless conversation. It is 18 pages of straight-to-the-point information cram packed with:

  • 27 different ways to avoid being 'ripped-off' and

  • 13 different ways to find the best deals, no one else knows about.

A must read for buyers AND sellers!

"Still Not Sure?"

Hear What These Well-Known
Experts Have To Say About
Depression Glass Secrets™"

Depression Glass Secrets™ has also earned praise from some of the leading experts on Depression Glass.

"Depression Glass Secrets™
Highly Recommended!"

Whether you are an avid collector, an occasional buyer or a depression glass dealer, this book is a MUST HAVE. 

It is chock full of useful information and the photos are some of the best we've ever seen.  You can actually SEE the pattern - a complaint we've long had with other depression glass books that have pretty but useless photos. 

It's fast easy reading and contains a wealth of information including frequently asked questions. 

Highly recommended!


Caren & Frank Reed


"Depression Glass Secrets™
Is A Valuable Tool"

Depression Glass Secrets™ is a valuable tool for collectors that is loaded with tips for identifying and evaluating glass, including discussions about reproductions, shopping hints and glass care. 

As a glass dealer and owner of hundreds of glass books I really do appreciate the great collection of reference photos in this wonderful book.

Rick Hirte &
Susie Thompson


Secure No-Risk Acceptance Form

YES! Murray, I want to start becoming a better Depression Glass collector today and protect myself from the dishonest dealers who want to take my money and sell me fake Depression Glass.

YES I want an excellent collection of clear pattern photos and to learn all the secrets for identifying unknown pieces of Depression Glass and Elegant Glass.

I understand I receive...

Depression Glass Secrets™


*This is a test price. It will
be increasing very soon.
(The truth, not a sales gimmick)



Easily learn EVERYTHING you must know about Depression Glass. Includes 197 patterns with photos and descriptions PLUS another 128 pages of you-absolutely-must-know information.



Plus I get the following FREE Bonuses

FREE Bonus #1.

The Essential Depression Glass Resource Guide™

Value = $24.95.

But FREE with my order!



Save hours of your time by going straight to the source. Depression Glass collecting involves a lot of research, don't waste your time searching for the best resources. Find them all here, organized into books, websites and organizations, each with clickable links for quick and easy reference.


FREE Bonus #2.

Secrets Of The eBay Power Sellers?

Value = $24.95.

But FREE with my order!

Learn the hidden methods for quickly finding what you are looking for, discover the Depression Glass bargains no one else knows about and cash in big time on the ignorance and mistakes of inexperienced Depression Glass sellers.

FREE Bonus #3.

The Best eBay Buyers
Guide Ever Written

Value = Priceless.

But FREE with my order


Learn the hidden methods for quickly finding what you are looking for, discover the Depression Glass bargains no one else knows about and cash in big time on the ignorance and mistakes of inexperienced Depression Glass sellers.



I understand if for any reason I am not satisfied with Depression Glass Secrets™ I can return it within 90 days and receive a 100% money back guaranteed with no questions asked. And I get to keep the bonuses as a FREE gift.

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Order Now!
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You can download this book instanly, and begin
reading it in the next 5 minutes, even if its 2a.m.


"The Information In
Depression Glass Secrets™
Will Make You A Better Collector"

The information in Depression Glass Secrets and the FREE bonuses will make you a better collector.

I can't guarantee it will of course because I don't know you, but I'm 100% certain if you read the books you will learn valuable information you never knew before.

Satisfied readers are contacting me left, right and center to tell me how helpful the books have been, how it has improved their collecting and how satisfied they are..

"The Perfect Book"

I have been collecting for about 12 months and Depression Glass Secrets™ is the perfect book for me.

It's easy to read and has info for all levels of expertise.

There is some info I'm sure I won't use for a while because it's a bit advanced for my level.

And there is other stuff I wish I had seen when I started out because it would have saved me much time.

But best of all are the photos and pattern descriptions, so clear!

Gyll H., New York, NY


"There is Zero Risk,
You Have Nothing To Lose
and Plenty To Gain"

You have nothing to lose. Depression Glass Secrets™ has been written especially for you, a Depression Glass collector.

And there is no risk.

If you don't like Depression Glass Secrets for whatever reason, return it to me and I will return 100% of your money ASAP and let you keep the 3 bonuses as a thank you gift, no questions asked.

But this book is packed with information you will definitely use over and over again, for rest of your time as a Depression Glass collector.


Murray Hughes

PS. The price is going up soon. Once I have made enough sales at the current price, I will begin testing the next higher price and so on - if you don't order now, you will have to pay 10, 20 or 30% more. It has already increased twice before.

PPS. You are covered by my 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don't like Depression Glass Secrets™, return it within 90 days for a FULL REFUND and keep the bonuses anyway.

PPS. No matter what your level of expertise, this book will make you a better Depression Glass collector. It is packed with need-to-know-information, 197 pattern descriptions and over 200 images!

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